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  • The Spurs deserve to win the Championship out of all NBA teams in the league.The way they play, the way they carry themselves, etc. Im sick of hearing that the Heat have had a lot of heartbreaks, and they always have their backs against the wall. No.. This is their THIRD NBA finals in THREE years…Try again. The heat bought players, cheating their way to winning rings. The Spurs stayed humble and barely made any team changes, leading them to be where they are today.Oh, and get this, Lebron aka “King James” already made a shoe saying that his team are ┬áthe “2012-2013 Champions”, funny cause to my understanding the Heat are still fighting for the the Championship. The Spurs always respected the Miami Heat and praised them, yet the Miami Heat are still subliminally dismissive towards the Spurs.Yes im bitter about this loss and yes im a pissed off Spurs fan. Im saying how i feel.. idc this blog is being biased today.

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